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Working at SVS to enhance the construction industry and bring in new talent, we need to welcome change. Talent differs, but it is these differences that drive us forward. There are issues that marginalize inclusivity – from the gender wage gap to racism – but vigilance and voice are key to rise above and create a diverse and inclusive environment.

By combining diversity and inclusion (D&I), we may gain access to more top people, which leads to increased innovation, creativity, productivity, reputation, engagement, and results. As we compete for talent with other industries, it's a win-win situation for construction. To back this up, 86 percent of women (and 74 percent of men) want to work for a company that values diversity and inclusion. We need to work together as an industry to move the needle ahead.


Safety is controllable and it starts at our company’s core. We follow all safety measures for the company's employees. All personal protective equipment such as gloves, helmets  and jackets are all available at our company with all sizes. we strictly do not allow any employee without safety gear. But physical safety is only one half of the equation.

Psychological safety and peace is more concerned at SVS Mental well-being is critical for growth and development. By fostering an environment where your employees feel safe and secure, it empowers them to be courageous – taking risks, speaking openly, and even making mistakes. In addition to creating a supportive culture for your employees, research confirms that teams that facilitate psychological safety perform higher. Building a comprehensive safety program is at the core of a successful construction culture. 


Each of the projects will be headed by an experienced, qualified (M.Tech/ B.Tech / Diploma) Project Director / Project Manager. Who looks after execution of the project and reports to the management about the progress from time to time. Senior Engineers, Junior Engineers and Project Supervisors will assist the Project Directors/Project Managers. A qualified Financial and Administrative staff looks after transactions and maintaining their accounts & stores records as prescribed by management and sends financial and stock reports along with vouchers, labour measurement bills commercial invoices etc., to the Registered/Corporate Office periodically. Apart from the above a management nominated employee designated as Project Executives co-ordinates with Technical, Accounts and Registered/Corporate Office for a smooth flow of operations and timely completion of the project.

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